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The Future Booth is the world's first time-traveling photo booth: our 55" iOS pad allows guests to send video and picture messages to an exact moment, from one minute up to 25 years into the future! It's so simple, even your grandma can use it. Now, the digital time-capsules created on the Future Booth will keep your celebration going for months, years, and even decades into the future.

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Guaranteed Message Security

These are the most meaningful messages in the world, and we take that seriously. Not only do we cover lifetime storage (25 years) for your messages on Amazon Web Services, we've created a special web repository so that you can receive your future messages on your phone, tablet, and through your personal online dashboard.

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"Nothing makes me happier in the morning than to unexpectedly receive a picture or video from my wedding day. It's a thoughtful surprise that keeps on giving."

-Daniel & Ali

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